A peculiar being you are!
Evident through your frame
And obstacles in your lane.

You’re beautiful.

You tower the world
Bridging extremes of emotions
With no wearing effort
Because you can!
An embodiment of strength.

You’re appreciated.

Your worth lies in your essence
So wear your crown with pride!
Your smile is breathtaking
So smile

For you are a WOMAN! 

H A P P Y W O M E N’S D A Y πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

The Handle of a Focused Life [Part 2]

Welcome to yet another episode of the series “The Handle of a Focused Life” where we are discussing the issue of purpose. So buckle up so that you can buckle down soon!

(I believe some of you are asking themselves why I specifically used the word “Handle” as part of my title. Hahaha. Well let me hint you. A handle is a part by which a thing is carried or controlled. In the same way, knowing and walking in your purpose makes things a much easier for you in this life).

The childhood stage is a peaceful and exciting stage because everything looks so easy to do. But as you grow, you realize that life is not what you really expected. This is the time where you will hear many saying that ‘ADULTING’ is so difficult.

Well I share the same sentiments. I believe that this is the time where you can hear the echoes of your purpose. You can tell that there’s something you need to do. Then you try to do what others are doing, and you are even more haunted by it.

And even when you try to keep yourself busy, you can tell that there’s something in you that you need to do and it cannot be replaced by anything. Then you become all frustrated.

Well I have good news for you today. I come bearing tools to help you discover your purpose. So sit tight.

Here are some of the major that give you a glimpse of your purpose:


*This is a barely controllable, strong emotion reflecting an intense desire or boundless enthusiasm for something. This is something you really love and can do at anytime.

* For example, ~Peter was a fisherman, and his passion could be seen when he went back to fish after the crucifixion of Jesus. BUT he was called to be a fisher of men!
~ Jesus at the age of 12 was already concerned about matters of the Father.


* These are abilities you were BORN WITH, which usually arise while one is still very little.

> CIRCUMSTANCIAL BURDENS* These are traits that keep popping up when you find yourself UNDER PRESSURE or CIRCUMSTANCES.

* For example, ~Moses was called to be a deliverer. But this is greatly evident in behaviour throughout his life. A deliverer has to be compassionate, and we see it in Exodus 2:11-12, where he killed a man who was smiting another.
~David was a shepherd who was also a psalmist. This became evident when he saved a sheep from the lion and bear; when he fought and prevailed against Goliath who was feared by the Israelites.

“For IN HIM we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, β€˜For we are also His offspring.’”. ~ Acts 17:28

… there’s nothing of weight we can produce to life without purpose.

You see, our lives are HIDDEN in God. He placed greatness in us. But we can never know it clearly without Him. The circumstances of life always LURE us towards Him, because there’s nothing of weight we can produce to life without purpose.

All these things are part and parcel towards discovering your purpose, but the entirety of this discovery lies in God. Join us next week Friday again as we will be unfolding and moving to new dimensions!.

Stay safe and blessed 🌼

[Stay tuned on the 09th as we’ll be having a special post in celebrating Women’s day (which is public holiday in South Africa)] 🌼

The Handle of a Focused Life

On our very first post, I shared with you a poem titled So Easy. It spoke of how it is so easy to do what others are doing, only to have a sense of emptiness.

But I believe that one may ask the question, “But how can I save myself from this pressure and from this sense?”. Well, am very pleased to let you know that I’ll be tackling that question today.

Teach us to realize the BREVITY of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12 [NLT]

First of all, we need to know that everyone in this earth has a purpose and LIMITED TIME to fulfil it. 70 years is limited and so is 20 years. Life is short. So the sooner you discover your purpose, the better.

Our purpose in life is the very meaning of our existence and without its knowledge we will live with our significance hidden from our very own eyes. Hence we will be more likely to get depressed.

Also, you need to know that people around us have a share in the sum of who we turn out to be. But they are not who we are supposed to be. They have their own paths, although they may inspire us. So what now? [Sighs]

Now this is a question that haunts many, and the issue is, they don’t know how they are to find the answer.


> You don’t live aimlessly,
> You have a drive and passion,
> It keeps you focused,
> You’ll die fulfilled, etc.

Finding your purpose awakens the greatness in you and gives you relevance. But fulfilling it, brings it to life.

Most people wear themselves out trying to discover themselves, so stick with us as we’ll be giving you a solution next week Friday.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

So Easy

It’s so easy…
So easy to be deceived.
So easy to get deceived.
So easy…

Think thoroughly on this…

A complex world it is,
With minds thinking of all things difficult.
Difficult to happen.
Difficult to achieve.
Just difficult…

Knowledge opens up a window.
A window towards aha moments!
Moments that splash before your eyes,
And you see that you had been blind,
And don’t want to continue blind.
They open up a door to a jungle with junctions
And all unnecessary stress
But a quiet mind will overcome!

With the stillness of mind
And the noise of the atmosphere,
A being discovers.
It’s a great discovery difficult to explain.
Explain to the minds
Minds that entertain all noises.

Be still!
Be still!
Be still!

You’ll see that you are rushing to nowhere.
You’re working towards nothing.
You’re sweating for no reward.
You’re trying to please,
But actually pouring oil on a rock.
A rock with no clefts and pores!

Stand still!
Stand still!
You have nothing to lose.

You’ve been sent.
You’ve been given a message
A task to fulfil…

Stop and observe
Magnify your walk
Are you on the junctions?
Are you flowing with the noises?
Are you running to the thunders
and lightnings?


He who tracks the lives of the ancient
Will see.
Will see the routes to avoid
The fruits to not pick
The trees not to irrigate
The mountains not to climb
For they wear in vain

Take the road less traveled
A road to discovery
But a road with acknowledgments to cautions!

You’ll find yourself
You’ll find you
Running to a reward
Impactful yet without energy
Catastrophic without self-carried noise.

Then you’ll see that it’s easy
Easy to die full
Easy to ghost around
Easy to fall into the trap
Easy to find pleasure in the bitter

Then you’ll see that it’s easy
Easy to fulfil
Easy to focus
Easy to be fruitful

Then you’ll see that it’s easy
That all things are easy
And the easiness of things traps

All wait
Noting the easiness
That they’ll fulfil
At the hour come to realisation
That distractions are also easy
Easy to defocus from the easiness of the good.

It’s easy…

So easy….